Jaune de Cadmium No.6 - 35ml


You can assume as this is Cadmium yellow no.6 there have been five other versions which have been successively improved, I can declare no.6 is a success!

A big colour, powerful tinter, warm and opaque. It is a little higher chroma and slightly more orange than the swatch suggests, it's tints are an endless range of mid-temperature light yellows.

It handles beautiful, like a soft butter in consistency and brushes out with little resistance.

This paint has a place on every but the most limited palettes.

Exceptional pigment load and containing just pigment and oil a tube will go a long, long way.

Handmade by Francois in very small batches.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PY35

Vehicle - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Opaque

Drying time - Medium




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