Italian Burnt Sienna - 50ml


A personal favourite.

Heated or calcined version of the Italian raw sienna, oil+earth+heat, simple and classic. The pigment is sourced in the Siena region of Italy and like all Rublev paint contains just pigment and oil, it's sienna that's really from Siena, the proper authentic version!

Masstone is a reddish brown, high chroma. It's tint's are classic burnt sienna fleshy hues, warm and pinky. Used transparently it has glowing mahogany/orange hues.

It paints long. Lovely paint to use, feels and looks very high quality.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PBr7

Binder - Linseed Oil 

Opacity - Semi-Transparent

Tinting Strength - Good

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Enion Salt.
Classic Burnt Sienna.

Burnt Sienna is one of those colours that is widely know about & a classic that will always sit nicely on many an artist palette. This particular burnt Sienna is totally authentic as the pigment is sourced from the Sienna region of Italy & like all of Rublev paints contains the purest pigment & the highest quality oil which result in a beautiful tube of paint that cannot be bettered. It's handling is wonderful & being semi-transparent can be used as a glaze to help bring more depth & vibrancy to your work. Also the variety of styles & subject matter make this a very versatile paint whether you're painting landscapes, wildlife, fauna or portraiture this paint is a joy. I believe it is also worth mentioning how refreshing the integrity of Natural Pigments is in an ever increasingly greed driven world, thank you NP & Supreme.

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