Indian Yellow - 40ml


Traditionally and unethically made from force feeding cows mango leaves, and then gently warming the urine to create the pigment!

Fortunately for you, me and the cows it is now made from Diarylide Yellow. The modern organic equivalent matches the beauty of the colour used for centuries in Mughal miniatures, but now has greater tint power and reliability.

This is such a beautiful colour, such a rich orange, tinting to such warm yellows, if only I had a room with the walls painted with this which I could visit on a rainy Thursday afternoon in February,

Being transparent it glazes very well, presenting a uniquely vibrant warm mustard yellow, warming and harnessing the light.

 Technical Overview

 Pigment PY83.

 Average Drying. Transparent. Very Good Lightfastness. High Oil Content.

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