Indian Red - 50ml


Indian Red is a brown red with above average tinting strength and opacity, it also has a decent tendency towards blue. It is fine grained, goes on smoothly and brushes "long" in the direction of the brush stroke.

Indian Red is a single pigment colour made of natural iron oxide mineral from deposits near the Chennai (also known as Madras), the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Iron ores exist in great abundance throughout the Indian Peninsula, and are widely distributed. The quality of these ores are usually excellent with a high content of ferric oxide, typically above 90%.

Technical Overview

Single Pigment: Natural Iron Oxide
Colour Index: Pigment Red 102 (77491)
Chemical Name: Natural Iron Oxide
Chemical Formula: Fe2O3
Opacity: Opaque
Tinting Strength: High
Drying rate: Average
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