Indian Red - 50ml


Indian Red is a brown red with above average tinting strength and opacity, it displays slight blue undertones. It is fine grained, goes on smoothly and brushes "long" in the direction of the brush stroke. Typically used with black in portrait painting to provide warmth to shadows.

Unlike a lot of 'Indian Reds' this is a single pigment colour made of natural iron oxide mineral from deposits near the Chennai (also known as Madras), the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Iron ores exist in great abundance throughout the Indian Peninsula, and are widely distributed. The quality of these ores are usually excellent with a high content of ferric oxide, typically above 90%.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PR102

Opacity - Opaque

Tinting Strength - High

Binder - Linseed Oil

Customer Reviews

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An unusual earth red

I was hesitant about using this paint for a while as colour-wise what came out of the tube varied from one painting session to the next. I followed the advice to store the tube on the cap and the paint became more reliable. I’m glad I persevered as this paint has become a distinct and useful addition to my palette. The underlying colour is a brownish red ochre. But when it dries, over the surface of the red is a slightly iridescent pale blue. The overall effect is still red rather than blue. In the right context it’s beautiful and I know of no other paint like it.

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