Impasto Medium


Please be aware to keep the lid on tight when not in use to stop it hardening.

This Impasto Medium is an oil painting medium of finely ground calcite, silica and bentonite in bodied linseed oil. Use it to extend paint without altering the consistency, making oil colors 'short' and buttery for impastos. This putty-like medium makes colors slightly transparent while allowing you to build impasted, thick applications of paint. When added to oil paint, Impasto Medium does not alter its color temperature. It can be thinned with solvent or oil. Depending upon the proportion added to paint, Impasto Medium does not affect the drying time significantly.

Impasto Medium does not contain stearates, solvents, driers or natural or synthetic resins, so it is safe to add to oil paint without the worry of cracking or delaminating.


Mix Impasto Medium directly into your paint right on the palette.

Impasto Medium is a great way to add calcite to your own paint. Add Impasto Medium and linseed oil directly to dry pigment powder until a stiff paste is obtained (almost the consistency of putty). Grind the paste with a muller on a flat surface before storing in collapsible tube. Some of its properties will be temporarily lost when grinding Impasto Medium with a muller, but should be restored when allowed to stand.



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The best impasto I’ve used

I’ve tried Rublev’s other impasto mediums but for the kind of art I do, this is the best of the three.

Impasto medium

Very fast delivery and I am happy with my purchase. I recommend purchasing the impasto putty and valaquez medium. It is fun experimenting with these three different mediums. I will be purchasing items from this company again and will ensure to recommend to university fine art students. Thank you.

Elly Horne
Professional Impasto for Oil Paints

This is a great product, couldn't find it on usual online art stores, so a specialist item. It's just what I wanted, and bought it here before. Will definitely buy it again from Supreme Paint Co, quick service and great product RECOMMEND... My artwork I used it on sold, as soon as went up on internet, can't get better results than that.

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