Hrazdan Yellow - 50ml


A very rare special paint, with wonderful, transparent golden undertones.

Rublev have sourced some Armenian earth pigments, this particular one comes from near the river of Hrazdan in the Kotayk province of Armenia. It has the hue of a classic yellow earth, however it displays a transparency which I haven't previously seen in other yellow earths, therefore it is perfect for glazing or very fine temperature adjustments to transparent mixes. Applied thinly is where it's true beauty arises with wonderful, rich golden undertones coming through.

Tinted with white it has a certain pinkish edge to it.

Technical Overview

Pigment:                            Hrazdan Yellow, PR 102

Pigment Classification:      Natural Inorganic

Chemical Name:                Iron Oxide Hydroxide

Opacity:                             Transparent

Tinting Strength:                Low

Drying Rate:                      Medium

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