Hangman's Lodge Ironstone - 40ml


What a name! This is unique to Wallace Seymour, single pigment and ground in their outstanding linseed oil.

In masstone this is very much the hue of a Raw Sienna however with more luminosity, as it is spread out it displays excellent transparency with a gritty feel under the knife. The swatch opposite shows it greener and cooler than it is in reality.

It has decent tinting power and there is a range of exceptional, sandy, yellow-grey hues, if I had to paint a room in one colour it would be this mixed with some white!

I really like this paint, it is from the Wallace Seymour bespoke range and it feels bespoke it has so much character which is lacking in the more industrial pigments.

Technical Overview

Pigment - Ironstone

Vehicle - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Semi-Transparent


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