Genuine Natural Indigo - 40ml


This is the real deal from India, not an approximation produced by mixing several modern pigments, it is genuine, produced from the plant Indigofera tinctoria (shown opposite).

Indigo has a long, long history and contains some unpleasant moments from the era of the British Empire where slave labour was used in its intensive and unpleasant method of production. Used in Peru in 4000 BC, mentioned by Pliny the Elder, it has passed through human history in fairly constant use until relatively recently when it was replaced by synthetic dyes and pigments, a lump of genuine Indigo dye from India is shown opposite.

In masstone it is a very dark blue/purple and has a rich depth which seems to be visible in a lot of these historic paints. In tints it is quite powerful and produces lilac/violet/blues. Opaque and dense.

Technical Overview

Pigment - Genuine Indigo

Opacity - Opaque

Binder - Linseed Oil 


Customer Reviews

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Kofi Ankobra
The perfect paint

I am happy to have found this paint, the oil content is exactly right, it dries quite fast and looks really good. I tried mixing with a walnut oil based lead white and was surprised how many different tones possible, the results are similar to the colours seen in Japanese Indigo textiles.

jacqueline Sell
A really lovely paint

I osten use indigo rather than black. This a good one, lovely flat colour and mixes well with other colours

Suzanne Baldo
Indigo paint

A beautiful and unique paint - so very pleased to have discovered!

Genuine indigo

Easy ordering, good packaging, delivery on time. Good service, thanks. Paint tube so full it had very slightly overflowed around the lid and the lid was stuck on tight - definitely can't complain about skimping!


Beautiful and intense Indigo ...will go a long way!
Good handling too.

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