French Red Ochre - 50ml


The diversity of the large range of Rublev earths is staggering, yet another practical and unique earth. An unusually bluish red, absolutely perfect for cool flesh tones.

Rublev - " French Red Ochre is bluish red with above average tinting strength. It is opaque, fine grained, goes on smoothly and brushes "long" in the direction of the brush stroke.

French Red Ochre is a single pigment colour made of natural iron oxide mineral from the last remaining European company operating the ochre deposits in the French quarries of Gargas and Rustrel nestled in a 12 mile long enclave in the heart of the Luberon Massif, the ochre country.

Red iron oxide or ferric oxide is the principle coloring agent in red ochers. This colour is based on the natural mineral hematite associated with varying proportions of others mineral such as alumina, calcium carbonate and silica. They differ from other ochers in that they do not contain water. In other words, the iron to which they owe their color is iron oxide not hydrated iron oxide.

Natural red ochers are opaque, absolutely permanent and have good covering power. They are strong absorbers of ultraviolet light."

Technical Overview

Single Pigment: Natural Iron Oxide
Colour Index: Pigment Red 102 (77491)
Chemical Name: Natural Iron Oxide
Chemical Formula: Fe2O3
Opacity: High
Tinting Strength: High
Drying rate: Average


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