French Red Ochre - 50ml


In masstone this is a deep reddish brown, like a brick red but darker in value. Used thinly it's semi-transparent nature shows earthy, luminous orange hues. 

The swatch on the left doesn't do this justice, it's tints are wonderful.

It produces excellent flesh tints when white is added however what makes these tints very special is the visible blue undertone, giving a very convincing flesh colour but with depth. When you look at a mid-value tint, the temperature shifts from the cool undertones to the warm pink hues, it is like looking at real skin!

Like the other French earths, this is sourced from the Luberon Massif in France.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PR102

Binder - Linseed Oil 

Opacity - Semi-Opaque

Tinting Strength - High 

Customer Reviews

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Tim Palmer
Great service

Order arrived very quickly and the paint is a joy to use

Ivan M

Excellent service as always and a very speedy delivery. French Red Ochre from Rublev is an earthy red that that is amazing in figure studies and portraiture. En excellent addition to a palette for the figurative artist.
The Supreme Paint has the best selection of excellent quality materials for artists. Thank you James ++++++

David Young

French Red Ochre - 50ml

Enion Salt.
Amazing paint.

Rublev oil paints are simply the best & most beautiful paints I have ever used. This red ochre is stunning to look at & to use but to describe its qualities is difficult with words. It's very opaque & blends very well with the other earth colours & the Chrome yellows. Painted along side Cinnabar green both colours become even more intense. It's also a bargain & will last a long time & being a series 1 very affordable. If you want the best paint then I urge you to try this & other Rublev colours you will not be disappointed
Also the speedy service, always next day delivery from James & the knowledge & advice is second to none. I have been very fortunate to try several colours from at least 10 top manufacturers of oil paint & only one company comes close to Rublev & that's Langridge. Look no further than Supreme for paint & mediums this really is the best & I have nothing but good things to say about Supreme & it's wonderful products.

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