French Burnt Sienna - 50ml


A classic, raw sienna is heated or calcined to bring out the inherent warmth of the natural Iron Oxides, thereby creating burnt sienna!

In masstone it is a rich chocolate brown, the swatch shown on the left has more red in it than the reality. It's tints when white is added produce instant mid-range (in temperature) flesh hues. The range of these flesh tints is wide as the paint is reasonably powerful.

Paints quite 'long', lean in body, meaning it is very easy to use without mediums. This takes a bit of getting use to however once you have there is no turning back.

There isn't a portrait painter who wouldn't find this a useful addition to their palette.

The pigment for this paint is sourced from the last remaining quarry of Gargas and Rustrel nested in the heart of the Luberon Mountains in France. It is an authentic paint, with the pigment selected purely for it's colour qualities. 

Technical Overview

Pigment - Pbr7

Opacity - Semi-Transparent

Tinting Strength - Good

Binder - Linseed Oil 

Customer Reviews

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Margaret Parkinson

It arrived the next day beautifully packaged, as befits this wonderful range of paints - I ordered Rublev French Sienna.

Jean Tyrrell


Catrin Treadwell
Discovering Rublev oil paint

I've bought Natural Pigments' powdered pigments for years whilst living in New York (first-rate) and thus knew of their other products via their website. The oil paint is relatively new to me and this Italian Burnt Siena is wonderful. Blending it with their Lead White (used with the utmost care, of course) has led me to pastures new as far as delicate flesh tones are concerned

Enion Salt.
Darker Burnt Sienna.

This French burnt Sienna is a fair bit darker than the Italian one being more brown than red. The Italian burnt Sienna is exactly what you'd expect it to look like. However this darker version will still be very useful on the palette & as versatile as its Italian cousin. When tinted with Lead white it is cooler but not as much as the raw pigments are before heat is applied. Certainly a very good tune of paint handling well & mixing well with other Earth colours & primaries. I have been very lucky to be able to own many of Rublevs paints, including over 30 different Earths & I can honestly say I haven't been disappointed with any of them. I can't say that about any other company producing oil paints now. Stunning quality paint as always & highly recommended.

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