French Burnt Sienna - 50ml


This is French sienna and is from the last remaining European company operating the ochre deposits in the quarries of Gargas and Rustrel nested in a 12 mile long enclave in the heart of the Luberon Mountains, the ochre country. Now I am betting Winsor and Newton don't source their pigments from such authentic places (or load their tubes which so much pigment).

This burnt sienna is a semi-transparent brown with good tinting strength, fine grained and brushes "long" in the direction of the brush stroke. A bit of pink undertone in there too!

Technical Overview

Pigment Information
Color: Brown
Colour Index: Pigment Brown 7 (77491) (77492) (77499)
Chemical Name: Natural Iron Oxide
Chemical Formula: α-FeO3+(OH)
ASTM Lightfastness: I
Opacity: Semi-Transparent
Tinting Strength: Good
Drying rate: Average
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