Florentine Golden Flesh - 40ml


Well the poetic name is very seductive however as all painters know it's 'what the stuff does' which counts. In my opinion it is the 'doing of the stuff' which is all that matters in painting and not even the image produced surpasses this, however I digress, so back to the matter in hand.

This soft, light, pinkish-yellow paint will be useful in portrait painting, where a fleshy highlight is needed and also as soft, golden light in landscapes. It is surprisingly dense in body and quite buttery.

I often paint portraits and incorporate very light tints of Cadmium Orange as highlights however it is very hard to maintain the warmth of the highlight without it going cool and chalky due to too much Titanium White.

This paint certainly solves that issue being comprised of two cadmium pigments and zinc white, which reduces chalkiness and it's transparency allows more light to bounce through the paint, and the Cadmiums provide the fleshy warmth.

And let us not forget, it is a utterly beautiful colour as well.

Technical Overview

Pigments - PW4, PO20, PY35

Opacity - Semi-Opaque

Drying Time - Medium

Binder - Linseed Oil 


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jacqueline Sell
An useful base paint

Good in conjunction with the rose one

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