Flake White Alternative - Non Toxic -40ml/150ml


There are many Lead White hues out there which are unsurprisingly approximations of the hue of real Lead Carbonate white, but none which try to also approximate the handling qualities.

Most are generally Titanium white with a little earth added to warm them, which frankly anybody could do on the palette, this paint has a lot more going on.

This paint attempts to mimic both the hue and the qualities of Flake White, the picture opposite is of the actual paint (although it's hue is somewhat distorted in the photo!).

It has a gentler tinting strength compared with Titanium White, lower chroma (not a blinding white) and a certain stringyness in handling, faster drying, all these are qualities are present in the genuine thing. 

This is the best alternative I have used, great value and of course non-toxic.

Technical Overview

Pigment - Special grade of Zirconium Oxide

Opacity - Semi-Opaque

Binder - Linseed Oil 

Drying Time - Medium/Fast


Customer Reviews

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Flake White Alternative - Non Toxic -40ml/150ml


Excellent alternative to lead white and could not have been more helpful. Thanks again

Best lead white alternative I have tried

Of all the lead white replacements that I tried this one is so far the best. I have tried all the ones that I could get my hands on and I have a lot of experience with true lead white - this one comes closest.


Flake White Alternative - Non Toxic -40ml/150ml


Fast shipping great service good product, Nice to have the opportunity to buy products made for special need in painting.

At last a flake white not based on titanium!

I have tried many, many whites over the years to try to mimic flake white, especially the semitransparent properties in the half lights. This paint is different because a titanium base is not used. If a titanium base is used then the mix all too easily goes 'chalky' ie too cool, too opaque and the 'old master' look is ruined. THIS PAINT IS DIFFERENT. a)it is not overpowering in a mix, b) It dries a fast as flake white c) Its price is the same as titanium and not astronomical like flake white is today and d) It's non-toxic so I can sand back layers without worrying about inhaling that lead dust. That was always the killer for me - its ok not trying to injest flake white, but you should never sand it or you risk inhaling the dust in to your lungs. This paint is the best alternative, but there is one aside - it doesn't quite reach the very top value of white sometimes required very minimally in a painting e.g the last highlights etc. For that I have a separate pile of Winsor and Newton Griffin Alkyd fast drying white that I use just to tint those top notes. Job done.

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