Dull Bright Red - 40ml


There's a word for this, describing the impossibility of being dull and bright at the same time, I can't remember it although it could probably be used to describe the impossibility of the entire painting process as well.

This is an approximation of Cinnabar, which is the unrefined and natural state of Vermilion, you can see the genuine version of Cinnabar here.

In masstone, a deep, coolish, blood red. When white is added it displays average tinting power providing a good range of delightful muted pinks, it would fit on any portraiture palette, perfectly.

The dull, bright reference entirely captures the shifting essence of genuine Cinnabar and Vermilion. In order to give this paint this name it means you fully understand these inherent qualities of the genuine pigment.

So here it is...although about £80 cheaper than the genuine paint!

Its more fiery cousin, bright dull red, can be seen here.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PR108, PR233

Vehicle - Linseed Oil 

Opacity - Semi-opaque

Drying time - Average



Customer Reviews

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Glenn Williams
that word youre after..

oxymoron :-)

Tracy Thursfield
Convincing flesh tones at a reasonable price

I used this today for a life painting. It does what James said - gives convincing dull bright red flesh tones. Splendid.

jan nielsen
Great Paint

I give it 5 stars for the quality, and the companys stunning prudukt, though the color doesent match the Internet, but work fine for me.

monique verhagen

nice color you can take it instead of vermillion red. i give 5 stars to supreme paint.

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