Dull Bright Red - 40ml


There's a word for this, describing the impossibility of being dull and bright at the same time, I can't remember it although it could probably be used to describe the impossibility of the entire painting process as well.

This is an approximation of Vermilion which is very expensive (we also sell two types of genuine Vermilion).

Vermilion is the red of the Renaissance, of alchemy and volcanoes. Rich and deep with shimmering qualities (due to the mercury), this is an excellent representation of these qualities formulated from just two pigments punchy, fiery, Cadmium Red tempered by Chrome Aluminium Stannate (basically a form of tin).

The dull bright reference captures the essence of the genuine Vermilion, In order to give this paint this name it means you fully understand the inherent qualities of Vermilion. So here it is...although about £80 cheaper than the real one!

Technical Overview

Pigment - PR108, PR233

Opacity - Semi-opaque

Drying time - Average

Binder - Linseed Oil 



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