Crimson Lake - 40ml


Made with a modern Perylene pigment, this is a high chroma, extremely lightfast paint.

Not as cold as Alizarin but with the same beautiful transparency, it has a somewhat synthetic feel being very uniform in consistency and a reasonably strong tinter, creating a range of luminous pink tints when white is added.

A viable, lightfast alternative to Alizarin Crimson, almost like a warmer version.

Michael's description:

"An absolutely beautiful warm red with a very unique nature when mixed with or glazed over whites it produces a truly shocking shade of pink. Combined with phthalocyanine blue, it becomes an apparent black."

Technical Overview

Pigment - PR149

Vehicle - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Transparent

Tinting Strength - Average

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Margaret Parkinson

Such prompt arrival of these wonderful paints. Beautifully packed and excellent service.

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