Cobalt Turquoise Light - 40ml


Prior to this I wrote the description for Davy's Grey and now I am writing this description for Cobalt Turquoise Light, basically they are complete opposites in almost every way, one earthy, gentle and made from crushed rock, the other powerful and attention seeking and made from sunlight (not really but it looks like that).

This is a very high chroma, semi opaque burst of teal turquoise, strong in tints, rich and powerful, very much a modern oil paint. One quality I particularly like, it paints 'long', usually modern paints are very buttery, they stand up. It slumps slightly on the palette and paints long brushstrokes straight from the tube which maintains its tropical brightness without diluting it with a medium.

The pigment is PB36 which is very 'clean' and 'clear' in its nature, it is sometimes used for Cerulean Blue but this paint exhibits none of the dullness that Cerulean sometimes does, this is bright, clean, wake you up on a morning paint.

The image of the turquoise sea is closer I feel to the hue in reality than the swatch.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PB36

Opacity - Semi-Opaque

Binder - Linseed Oil 

Drying Time - Fast/Medium 




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Hilary james
Cobalt Turquoise Light

good colour, strong & smooth in application

Wallace et Seymour ultramarine blue

Beautiful color. Quick delivery. My favorite website for shopping oil paint products

Robin Martin
Paint purchase

Great service

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