Cobalt Teal - 40ml


Fluorescent, zingy, powerful, turquoise, really quite unlike anything else.

Regardless of hue there are four or five paints which have really exceptional levels of chroma, this is one of sucks in every bit of light and then shoots back at you the purest teal wavelengths, as if lit from within.

Michael's description - "For landscape, portrait and non figurative painters this is a fabulously delicious vivid colour! Introduced into the range for its incomparable colour, handling and coverage."

Technical Overview

Pigment - PG50

Vehicle - Linseed Oil

Drying Time - Average

Opacity - Opaque

Customer Reviews

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Alex Makhoul
Cobalt Teal

Beautiful colour, everything I wanted it to be but allow me to gush about the company! Supreme paint co. has quickly become my favourite place to buy my oil paints. From my experience they dispatch same day and get them next day. No other company that offers that for the standard free delivery at such a good minimum order (and it's always beautifully packaged AND they have stuff you can't get anywhere else!). Many thanks James!

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