Cobalt Teal - 40ml

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Powerful, high chroma, paint.

A colour produced from the significantly diverse family of cobalt pigments. This is one of those colours which is just a pleasure to look at, and deepens and expands the longer you do so.

A high chroma turquoise like this would not be considered essential on the palette however it would be impossible to mix a turquoise with this level of depth and vibrancy.

It is the turquoise of the ocean and sat alongside some of Langridge's Video orange it seriously vibrates.

Langridges description;

"Cobalt Teal is a deliciously soft blue with a definite greenish cast. It has a melting warmth making it perfect for skies and oceans."

Technical Overview

Pigment - Cobalt Aluminate, PB28

Vehicle - Safflower Oil, Consistency - Buttery

Customer Reviews

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Margaret Curry
Excellent service!!!

When I ordered two tubes of oil paint from this company I did so even though I'd never hear of them previously. They were however selling the brand and colours I wanted. Delivery was prompt and my "package" was a delight to open - really! When I saw it I was intrigued by the care that had obviously been taken in its wrapping. Inside ..... a beautiful box with the company logo. In my mind the thought was - 'if they take this much care then they value their customers'.

Excellent service and I'll certainly do business with them again.

Alan George Barstow
The delicious Cobalt Teal is new to me.

Only yesterday I attached a review of Langridge paints on a YouTube video by Australian artist, Andrew Tischler. This include my review of the Cobalt Teal hue, manufactured by David Coles.

I have not yet used the Cobalt Teal in a painting but I am excited by its brilliance and lustre, and I shall no doubt use it in the near future for shadows on portraits and waves on seascapes.

Here is the review I sent to Andrew:

"At long last I have been able to source Langridge oil paints in the UK (for onward delivery to me here in Sweden). I took delivery of four tubes just last week: Transparent Yellow Oxide, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue and Cobalt Teal. I find the Yellow Oxide an excellent replacement for both Yellow Ochre and Raw Sienna since it is more transparent than either of those. (Transparent Red Oxide is another colour that effectively replaces Burnt Sienna) The Cobalt Blue, in particular, excites me. I have long had an aversion to this colour since my experience of it (mainly with acrylics and watercolours) has been underwhelmingly disappointing. I have found all those Cobalt Blues to be dull, lacking in vibrancy and with a greyish tinge. Langridge's Cobalt Blue is a true mid-range blue with no bias towards either yellow or red and it is positively alive! I absolutely love it. The Ultramarine (my favourite hue of blue) is also gorgeous. I bought the Cobalt Teal on your (Andrew's) recommendation and I have not regretted it. Langridge oil paints are up there with the best, and I include such excellent makes as Michael Harding, M. Graham, Williamsburg, Maimeri, Old Holland and Rembrandt in that assessment. Thank you, Andrew, for bringing the exquisite Langridge range to my attention, and thank you, David, for making such a wonderful product."

And thank you too, Supreme Paint Company, for allowing me access to such a special paint.

Ketan Patel
Cobalt Teal

This is an amazing product and definitely worth the money, Thank you Supreme Pain Co! :)

Enion Salt.
Stunning colour.

This is now my favourite of the Cobalt teal/Cobalt turquoise light paints that are available. It's one of my favourite colours & impossible to achieve the intensity by attempting to mix. I use this colour in many of my abstract paintings as it is a very pleasing colour to look at & brightens up my day. Add a glaze of Langridge Phthalo turquoise & it practically sings pure joy to me, which can't be a bad thing! I'm very impressed with Langridge paints they really are quite special as is Supremes customer service.

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