Cobalt Celeste - 40ml


This is a very beautiful colour, made from an out of production pigment, Wallace Seymour have managed to obtain a limited amount of this pigment to produce this beautiful and unique hue. 

It is a cobalt-cerulean pigment containing silver and it is the most lush muted blue in masstone. There are greenish undertones in there but subtle and it is markedly a blue, like a lower chroma, higher value, Cerulean blue.

It exhibits the transparency of a cobalt pigment however for me where it really shines is in the tints when mixed with white, luminous sky blues with a gentle turquoise edge. 

It is a relatively gentle tinter and works really well 'wet into wet' I have just used it on the horizon of a landscape and to provide atmospheric perspective it is excellent!

The bottom line is this is a stunning colour, unavailable anywhere else, with no comparable substitute and from a highly limited supply.

Technical Overview 

Pigment - Single Pigment, A Praseodymium, Cobalt, Zinc, Sliver matrix

Opacity - Semi-Transparent

Binder - Linseed Oil 

Drying Time - Moderate/Fast

Customer Reviews

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Eileen Syson
Cobalt Celeste oil paint

An extremely beautiful turquoise oil paint by Wallace Seymour. A joy to paint with such high quality pigment. Really pleased with
Quality of service from The Supreme Paint Co., Site informative, high quality paints and fast service. Thank you.

stephen rose
Cobalt Celeste 40ml Wallace and Seymour

Very similar to cerulean in appearance, but with less saturation. Like cobalt blue it has very little tinting strength and is dominated in mixes by stronger pigments.It is dense and opaque.
However it is a very seductive, and in subtle combinations can produce ,beautiful
cool greens and aqua blues.Ideal for seascapes and landscapes.
Owning to the purity of manufacture, the lack of stabiliser causes this pigment to separate from the oil, while in the tube. I would suggest massaging the tube and
regularly alternating the position of the tube, which alleviates this problem a little.
That said, as with all Wallace and Seymour paints, it's a joy to use and in it's rarity demonstrates this company's dedication to finding unique pigments and the highest form of paint manufacture.

Elly Horne
Gorgeous Luminosity

I've just started using this paint. It's exactly what I wanted for the background of my pop art red roses. You can see the silver in it. It is not opaque and haven't mixed it with anything. I love blues. It's the most popular colour in the West, so certainly worth trying different versions. Definitely not a colour you could mix yourself. It is a totally different texture to paint than usual oil paint, almost like PVA, which isn't a problem for me, and I love the effect. Very pleased with this rare and beautiful paint. Will definitely buy again.

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