Cinnabar Green - 50ml


This is an organic and warm green which leans towards yellow. Very fresh and bright in masstone.

Well suited to Landscape painting, it has a delicate luminosity from the lead in the recipe and provides a wide range of sunlit, green tints.

Cinnabar green was initially a very toxic and fugitive paint, based on copper arsenic. Mainly due to its poor light fast qualities it was replaced in the early 19th Century with a mix of Chrome yellow and Prussian blue, this particular paint is based on a recipe from the 19th Century and is composed of those two colours.

Historically authentic.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PY34 & PB27

Opacity - Opaque

Tinting Strength - Average

Drying Rate - Fast

Binder - Linseed Oil

Customer Reviews

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Peter Whittaker hi
Re. Rublev Cinnabar green ect order

Thanks James, Cinnabar green,Hrazdan yellow, Purple ocre and Oleo gel arrived quickly and safely,well packaged,I shall be ordering again.cheers. PW.

Enion Salt.
Top quality paint.

An excellent green very similar in hue to a Cadmium green light. This however is a better quality tube of paint than any Cadmium green I've used due to the lead content. It's more opaque & has better covering power & handling. Certainly a good choice for landscape & wildlife artists & a long with Rublevs blues & Chrome yellows you could mix a wide range of green hues.

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