Chrysocolla - Genuine - 40ml


Chrysocolla is a natural mineral of great beauty (see photo of a raw piece on left), it appears as a swirling mass of turquoise and teal, blues and greens. I don't know of anybody else making oil paint out of this mineral, it is in Wallace Seymour's bespoke range. 

Chrysocolla amongst many other elements contains copper which gives the heightened verdigris colour you can see in the swatch. The paint in texture has a slight grittiness and is quite buttery in feel and viscosity. 

The masstone is a very, very slightly dulled turquoise, it brightens as it is spread out and used more thinly. It has quite a surprising opaqueness, the tints display a slightly blue undertone although it has a relatively weak tinting power. 

Wall paintings in Siena cathedral from the 13th Century have been found to contain Chrysocolla and ancient Egyptian artefacts so I guess it is pretty lightfast!

A very unusual paint and overall it feels like you are using something pretty special almost like crushed gemstones which is basically what it is. 

Technical Overview

Pigment - Chrysocolla Genuine

Opacity - Opaque

Binder - Linseed Oil 


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fantastic, wallace seymour make a great color.

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