Cassel Earth Black - 50ml


Similar to Van Dyke brown, except this is made not with lignite but with a purified umber. The umber replicates aspects of the historical cassel earth which unfortunately like so many historical pigments was not particularly lightfast, this one is lightfast. 

The difference visually would be the cassel earth is a little warmer and slightly, ever so slightly more opaque. This is also a Series 1 versus van Dyke brown being a Series 2.

Technical Overview

Single Pigment: Natural Iron-Manganese Oxide
Binder: Linseed Oil
Chemical Name: Natural Iron-Manganese Oxide
Chemical Formula: Fe2O3 MnO2
ASTM Lightfastness: I
Opacity: Semi-Opaque
Tinting Strength: Good
Drying rate: Average
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