Cadmium Red Medium - 50ml


Cadmium Red Medium, the swatch appears slightly bluer and cooler than the paint in reality, however it does lean very slightly towards violet once it is extended and the undertones are exposed.

Wonderful, powerful, paint.

It paints quite 'long' as you can see in the tube picture. An exceptional pigment load which justifies the price and offers really good value in comparison to other Cadmium paint, you are paying for the amount of pigment.

As expected with the high tinting power a wide variety of luminous pink tints are provided when white is added. The ultimate mixing red.

Technical Overview

Binder - Linseed Oil

Pigment - PR108, Cadmium Sulfoselenide

Opacity - Opaque

Tinting Strength - High

Drying Time - Medium

Customer Reviews

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Adrian Lloyd
A Wonderful Red

As is already said about this paint, it has masses of pigment and it is an incredibly intense colour. Love it. Adrian Lloyd Art

Enion Salt.
Best Cadmium red.

Of the many Cadmium reds I've been lucky enough to use this, to my eye is the best. It handles beautifully & has an extremely high pigment load. As James says in the description above it's more like a blood red than the swatch looks & is very intense. For a comparison it's almost the same hue as Michael Hardings Cadmium red deep & nowhere near as blue leaning as the swatch, well at least on my monitor. Well worth the price in my opinion & another triumph for Natural Pigments.

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