Cadmium Orange - 50ml


Cadmium Orange. A classic and useful on every palette I would guess.

This version is super powerful, rammed full of pigment and nothing else other than the linseed oil binder. A beautiful, powerful, reddish orange, totally opaque, it will warm mixes like no other! To me it is somehow brighter than other versions, which is perfect as I feel the best use of Cadmiums is to brighten and to bring light into painting.

Being a Rublev paint, it paints long rather than exhibiting the normal buttery nature of Cadmiums, which means it sits rather well with their other paints, and really is easier to work to with.

Although high in price I believe it is excellent value given the amount of pigment present in the tube, I suspect you would need 10+ tubes of Winsor and Newton Cadmium Orange to get the same amount of pigment as a tube of this contains.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PO20, Cadmium Sulfoselenide

Binder - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Opaque

Tinting Power - Very High

Drying Rate - Medium

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