Cadmium Orange - 50ml


Cadmium Orange. A modern classic and useful on every palette.

This version is super powerful, rammed full of pigment and nothing else other than the linseed oil binder. A beautiful, powerful, reddish orange, totally opaque, it will warm mixes like no other. Quite buttery in body. 

To me it is somehow brighter than other versions, which is perfect as I feel the best use of Cadmiums is to brighten and to bring light into painting. Definitely at the red end of the orange spectrum.

Although high in price I believe it is excellent value given the amount of pigment present in the tube, I suspect you would need 10+ tubes of Winsor and Newton Cadmium Orange to get the same amount of pigment as a tube of this contains.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PO20, Cadmium Sulfoselenide

Binder - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Opaque

Tinting Power - Very High

Drying Rate - Medium

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