Burnt Yellow Ochre - Northumberland - Reclaimed - 40ml


A calcined (heated) version of the reclaimed yellow ochre.

This pigment is made from reclaimed ochre originating as a byproduct of the Northern coalmining industry. Having been cleaned, graded and refined to extremely high standards it has a colour purity really not found in any other earth pigment - while still being of the earth!

In masstone a rich, reddish brown very similar to a burnt sienna, it paints quite 'long' and is quite loose in handling (similar to Rublev handling) which I think works very well.

Once you add white, the power of this pigment comes out, I haven't used an earth which can take on so much Titanium white without losing chroma, this is excellent and at least equal, if not beyond any Italian Burnt Sienna. The tints are glowing, earthy pinks and the range is very wide.

So, so impressed with this paint...the origin of the pigment, the quality of handling and the power/clarity of hue.

Technical Overview

Pigment - Native Earth - Iron Oxide

Vehicle - Single Estate Cold Pressed Linseed Oil

Opacity - Semi-Transparent

Tint Power - Medium

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Enion Salt.
Super powered earths.

I love these reclaimed paints, what a great idea turning waste products from the mining industry into gorgeous paint. The hue is a great colour on its own & is a powerful tinter certainty worth a try. Great paint.

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