Brilliant Pink - 40ml


Brilliant pink! Why? It would be almost impossible to reach the intensity of this hue by mixing on the palette, and from my experience of using it, where it comes into it's own is as a light, warm addition to reddish mixes, think Tuscan sunsets, a red apple in the sunshine...

In Michael Harding's words;

"After tremendous harassment from customers, I blended this colour to satisfy their craving for a cheeky, fruity (dare one say girly?) luminous pink, which has intense presence notwithstanding the Zinc White constituent. Yes, I can confirm that women and colour-field painters love it, and some even use it in flesh passages. But I think it could well be characterized as “decorative”. The complementary vibrations it sets up with the greens, particularly Emerald Green, have to be witnessed to be believed. It forms a lean surface, and since the red is supplied by Quinacridone, a very permanent organic pigment, the undertones are bluish yet warm, which are disclosed in further hues and mixes."

Technical Overview

Pigments - PW4, PW6 & PR209.

Opacity - Opaque

 Average Drying. Excellent Lightfastness. Low Oil Content.



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Michael Harding oil paint brilliant pink

Beautiful shade of pink, love it

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