Bright Yellow Lake - 40ml

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This is a very powerful tinter, a classic lake type paint.

We have never tried it in glazing however this hue could be exceptional, as it will inevitably bounce a lot of light around, and is transparent. A tube of this will last a while and if luminescence is what you are after...

Michael Harding - "An Arylide organic lake pigment, of itself very fat and transparent, but which has an enormous tint power, shooting right through mixes with a pervasive range of bottle green undertones. Beginners should handle it with care when adding it to other paints! It can heighten the Phthalo lakes without making them opaque, and when it is made itself opaque with the addition of white the results are almost luminous."


Technical Overview


Pigment PY3.


Slow Drying. Transparent. Very Good Lightfastness. High Oil content

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