Blue Ridge Yellow Ochre - 50ml


A beautiful yellow ochre, subtle, creamy, very smooth.

A semi-transparent golden yellow in masstone. It is very fine grained and has a buttery consistency. Great for flesh tones and gently warming mixes.

The pigment is sourced from ochre deposits in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, a renowned location for high quality ochres.

Some technical information from Rublev;

"Hydrated iron oxide is the principle coloring agent in yellow ochers. This colour is based on the natural mineral goethite with varying proportions of other minerals such as clay, chalk and silica. The iron oxide in yellow ochres differ from other ochres in that it contains water. In other words, the iron to which they owe their colour is hydrated iron oxide."

Technical Overview

Pigment - PY43

Opacity - Semi-Transparent

Binder - Linseed Oil 

Drying Time - Average

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Windahl Finnigan
Rich and cool

This one is hard to describe. I have a yellow ochre fetish. But this is one I keep coming back to and never want to run out of. It has a cool edge without looking distinctly cool and still being warm. Having it as a second ochre on my pallette along with a more brighter traditional one strikes a real balance. It makes it quite neutral. I am not a fan of colours that don't appear natural and this makes lovely skin tones and also finds a place on landscape and still like palettes.

Albert Esiri

Your range of paints are quite impressive

Richard Hayes
Impressive paints

Very helpful company and Rublev are high quality paints.

Elizabeth Kolodziej
Blue Ridge Yellow Ochre- 50 ml by Rublev.

Beautiful yellow colour as you would spect from Rublev. Speedy delivery and reliable company as you can expect from The Supreme Paint Company. This is a 12 out of 10 situation......I will be buying Rublev from The SupremE Paint Compant again and again........thank you. Highly recommended ! 👩🏼‍🎨🎨

Elliot Sorene
Blue Ridge Yellow Ochre

Excellent service! Very well packaged! I definitely recommend and will be a regular now. Paint is amazing!

Chirria Hutchison
Blue Ridge Yellow Ochre...Beautiful rich colour

Thoroughly recommend both the quality of the paint and the service of the company. Amazingly quick delivery. I will definitely be ordering again.

George T.
Blue Ridge Yellow Ochre

A bright and very smooth yellow ochre. I tried it with a portrait, excellent quality.
I'm sure it would be very good for a glaze.

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