Alizarin Crimson - 50ml


Thanks to Neil for this one!

This bluish red is one of the most useful modern paints to exist primarily due to its luscious transparency and incredible vibrancy. Luminous crimson in masstone, with warm pink tints when mixed with white.

Essential for portraiture, please read the following for Natural Pigment's description of the use of this paint;

"Franz Hals was well aware of the correct way in which to use fugitive lakes in order to produce vivid flesh tints. The ruddy noses and rosy cheeks portrayed by him which after a lapse of centuries have shown that this colour, when intelligently used, is stable. 

Vermeer more than once placed a glaze of lake pigment over vermilion. He first modeled the object to be represented in various tones of vermilion using white to lighten the tone and black to darken them. Once the area was dry he glazed over it with a lake."

Technical Overview

Pigment - PR83

Opacity - Translucent

Binder - Linseed Oil

Drying Time - Slow

Customer Reviews

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Ann Welch
A Love Supreme

I was in a quandary looking for some special, good quality paints at affordable prices which I required in a hurry for my course and some commissions I was keen to finish . I was advised by Alchemyofpaint to contact you . David Cranswick is an expert on paint so I took his advice and was delighted to receive from Supreme Paint & Co their Rublev oil paint in record time.

Richard Baker
Alizarin Crimson, excellent as always with these paints

Sumptuously dark, this crimson is perfect for drawing with the brush and for adding deep tones without adding black. Perfect for mixing deep purples and cool pinks.

Arne Wellmann
Perfect Service

Amazing fast service as always by the supreme paint company - good that there is Rublev offering these great oil colors

Roger Kidd

First class!
Highly comendable

Bente de Grey-Hall
Best buy

Love the consistency of this Alizarin. It mixes well and the pigment content is excellent.

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