Zinc White - 40ml


Fairly unique in being a transparent white, and for that reason it is particularly useful. Available in two sizes.

Zinc Oxide was first used as a pigment in oil paint around 1780, it's use coincided with the discovery of large deposits of zinc discovered in Europe around the same time. However initially it did not sit easily with oil and had greater success as a water colour commonly known as Chinese white, these issues with the oil were largely resolved by the 1850's. 

It can be a slightly slower drier as it relies on a larger quantity of oil in it's makeup.

Another great and overlooked quality is its subtle tinting strength making it much easier to slightly tint mixes without the brute power of a titanium. As always Michael Harding's version is superb/


Technical Overview


Pigment PW4


Medium drying. Medium tint strength. Excellent lightfastness. High Oil Content


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