Verona Green Earth - 50ml


This paint is a green earth made from pigment from Brentonico near Santa Cristina (Verona), Italy. 

Deep, dark, emerald green in masstone, it has bluish undertones making it quite cool. Like most green earths it's tinting strength is quite low, it makes minty green tints when mixed with white.

Paints 'long', very nice feel to it in use. Very transparent.

Some interesting information on green earths from Rublev;

"Most oil colours labeled "green earth" from artists' paint manufacturers do not actually contain the natural mineral, but rather is a mixture of synthetic chromium oxide green and sometimes barium sulfate with either a natural yellow ochre or yellow iron oxide. Verona Green earth contains only the actual mineral from Verona, Italy and linseed oil.

Verona Green Earth was used in verdaccio--a style of underpainting that uses green-grey colors to establish values for later layers of paint. Verdaccio is renowned for being particularly effective when painting flesh tones. It was popular amongst Italian Renaissance artists, such as Leonardo da Vinci who used verdaccio underpainting in his masterpiece, the Mona Lisa."

Please see the reviews below.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PG23

Opacity - Transparent

Binder - Linseed oil

Tinting Strength - Low 

Customer Reviews

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Mark Batty
Lovely paint!

Really lovely paint and all the more special knowing it’s origins and rarity! Great handling and nice transparency.

Steve S
Verona green oil paint

Excellent service and quality materials.
Very good packaging.

Premium product

Premium product if you’re looking for the real deal. Truly lovely to work with and very special. Packaged and presented to the highest standard

Vanessa Raw
Great products and service

Quality products and service

Maysoon Aldoori
Verona green earth oil paint

Happy with my purchase excellent quality and value for money

Rublev Verona Green

Rublev is one of my favourite brands.
Thanks again for everything to all the staff , five star service as always.

Nelson Ferreira
What a stunning green

I've worked with many 'green earths' from different brands and I've never seen such a good one before. Compared to this wonderful depth, the other green earths look flimsy or too brown. This pigment has got the right granularity and it looks so naturally beautiful, without the need for adulterants and synthetic additives. A really wonderful shade.

Jean Tyrrell
Superior oil Paint

Rublev paints are the best oil paints I've ever used. The quality is superb and it's a joy to work with something so pure and authentic. The range of colours is very special as well. I strongly recommend them to any serious artist. Supreme paints are a great company to deal with and the paints arrive in a lovely presentation box.

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