Vermilion Genuine - 50ml

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The most expensive paint we sell, the paint which requires the most care in handling, the holy grail of paint, battles have been fought over this pigment. Genuine Vermilion. 

Please see the picture on the left for Titian's use of vermilion in the assumption of the virgin. This has been used for the highest creative expression for thousands of years, found in Chinese porcelain and renaissance painting. However due to the expense and hazards involved in it's manufacture it is very hard to find today as an oil paint.

It is a rich, slightly fiery, light red which cannot be reproduced by substitutes. As far as weight and colourific density, it is in a class of its own, but if you wish to explore a deceptively mild range of deep warm mixes with earths, as well as some subtle high hues, then this is the colour.

The pigment is Mercuric Sulphide and should be treated with great respect, and all the best, safe studio practice should be observed. The mix of mercury and sulphur is straight out of alchemy, with sulphur being  the 'omnipresent spirit of life', a fascinating book to read around this subject is called 'What Painting Is' by James Elkins, it has a close up of a Rembrandt self portrait on the cover which would motivate anybody to paint.

This is a digression, all that is left to say is that painting with this genuine vermilion will connect you to some of the human races greatest triumphs in art, craft and creativity.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PR106 - Mercuric Sulphide

Binder - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Opaque

Tinting Strength - Good

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Made all the difference. A dream to use!

Highly pigmented compared to any other commercial Vermilion I’ve previously tried, so you need very little. Just the perfect dreamy shade to use on portraits. Another quality product from The Supreme Paint Company.

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