Ultramarine Violet - 35ml

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Wow chemistry has prevailed here, if you want a stunning deep blue with strong violet tones, this is the one, absolutely definitely. If you paint landscapes please try this. Bound in poppyseed oil, it also has the exceptional handling and consistency.

This paint comes from an inorganic pigment and this is where Mr,Blockx excels coming from five generations of paint making chemists. 

Ultramarine pigments are sodium aluminum silicates of the composition Na8Al6Si6O24. Small sulphur containing anions are bound as chromospheres in the interstices of the crystal lattice to equalize the charge. Depending on composition, blue, red, green or violet pigments can be obtained, the hue being altered by varying the amount of silica.

Technical Overview

Pigment PV15

Moderately opaque, poppyseed oil, tint strength high, drying slow.





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