Turquoise Phthalo - 40ml

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This sits somewhere between Phthalo Green and Phthalo Blue it has the inherent qualities of it's close relatives. These are it's massive tinting power and sparkling cleanliness.

I glazed 3 or 4 layers of this colour as a ground for an experimental portrait painting, however such is the depth and beauty of it's nature I have been unable to paint over it! It is quite special.

it is perfect for glazing with exceptional clarity and transparency and very useful in clean mixes which require a deep, rich blue green.

Technical Overview

Pigment - Phthalocyanine, PB15:3/PG7

Vehicle - Linseed Oil, Consistency - Stiff

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Enion Salt.
Clean & vibrant.

We're used to any Phthalo pigment being a very powerful tinter & this one is the best of those I've used. As this is such a pure & clean pigment it's uses really scream glazing & I can see mixing with other transparent pigments you could achieve a wide range of hues to use as a glaze. As it's so powerful then you only need a very small amount so one tube could easily last years. I can see landscape artists finding this extremely useful for moody skies, especially with Rublevs Maya blue. Also mixed with various yellows many very vibrant greens can be produced. I'm a big fan ofTurquoise as it's such a wonderful colour & always enhances any artwork I've included it in & This particularly Phthalo turquoise is the best I've used & I highly recommend it. This site really does only offer the best paints & mediums that are available worldwide.

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