Titanium Grey - 40ml

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An unusual and fascinating colour to be found in a tube of oil paint.

It is a mid-tone warmish grey, the main benefit of this over a palette mixed grey is that it will be cleaner, and I can see it being useful in taking down the chroma a notch in skin tones and similarly in landscapes. A great colour to experiment with.

Technical Overview

Pigment - Titanium Dioxide, PW6.1

Vehicle - Linseed Oil, Consistency - Buttery


Customer Reviews

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Angela Robertson

Great service and quick delivery

Jim Fellows
I found this to be a very useful color

I generally mix everything from a smaller set of key colors, but I have found this so useful that it makes sense to buy it in tubes. First, it's a very good gray as it is. That means I can often adjust it slightly rather than use it in a mix with other colors to get what I want. However, when mixing, it is often one of two or three basic colors such as raw umber that I include in mixing paint for soil and sky. Being titanium, it is opaque, so I go elsewhere if I want a transparent gray.

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