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It is a great pleasure to offer such an exceptional selection of paints. This is the palette of colours recommended by LARA and their previous students. LARA the London Atelier of Representational Art is one of the world's leading representational art studios, the skills and experience of the tutors are exceptional, it provides a true atelier learning system. If you are serious about learning the craft of painting or sculpture with the foundations of proper drawing technique then this is the place to study.

The palette comes with a substantial discount over buying the items individually, perfect for those beginning a painting course at LARA. Also on purchasing this set students of LARA will be given an exclusive discount code for 15% off across the site!

As with all paints at Supreme these are of the highest possible quality, purely pigment and oil, hand ground and with pigments selected on historical integrity and purity. These are the best paints available. The palette (click on the links for further info) is as follows;

Cadmium Red as the undisputed champion of modern paint hues, the potency and opaqueness means this has become the cornerstone red on most modern palettes, however care is needed a little goes along way!

Flake White whose luminescence and handling need little introduction, this particular flake white is the only genuine version of the paint I could find made with flakes of pure lead carbonate produced using the same method as would have been used in Rembrandt's time.

Titanium White the modern white, opaque and powerful, for a powerful highlight a tinted mix of this is unbeatable, cooler than flake white.

Yellow Ochre without a doubt a backbone of many the finest paintings throughout history, I believe Supreme has the finest selection of earths available. The best Yellow Ochre in my opinion is this one made by Rublev sourced from the Blue Ridge mountains in Virginia. 

A little known fact but the finest grades of Umbers come from Cyprus and this is why the Raw Umber on the palette is Rublev's Raw Umber from the heart of the Troodos mountains in Cyprus.

Cobalt blue the blue of Chinese vases and of a rich summer sky, it has a slight greenish tinge giving it a sightly greyed, rich and complex tone, much superior to an ultramarine blue.

Ivory Black made from charred animal bones it is an impure Carbon held in Calcium Phosphate, dense and cool.

Alizarin Crimson transparency and vibrancy, the glazing paint, utterly beautiful.

The palette is rounded off with Nickel Yellow, made with Nickel Titanate, an opaque yellow with a greenish tinge, it can produce outstanding natural greys. 











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