George Romney Bespoke Palette

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This is truly special and unique.

It is the product of two highly skilled individuals, Pip Seymour and Rebecca Wallace who have combined a deep knowledge of pigments and paintmaking with a the palette of a particular artist, George Romney.

Supplies are limited, the set consists of 18 x 40 ml tubes of handmade, bespoke and unique oil paints and a 30 ml bottle of medium designed specifically for this palette of colours. It includes a tube of genuine Vermilion. 

Basically an instant, highly effective, portrait palette containing all values, temperatures and hues necessary to create a realistic portrait. 

They have created the colours and half tints Romney used based on a record of his practice and his actual palette. You can see a self portrait of Mr. Romney on the left.

Included with the set is Romney "Soup", a special painting medium, using late 18C ingredients, essentially it is a deep glazing medium.

A short explanation from Pip and Rebecca;

"Special portrait painting palette, based on record of George Romney’s practice. Prepared with original pigments as and where possible (e.g. natural Madder lake, natural Cinnabar Mt. Amiata, Raw Sienna from Mt. Amiata, Terra Rosa from Val d’Orcia, etc.

We use a variety of non toxic whites in place of lead carbonate – for pure white, we recommend our Flake White Non Toxic. Bright Yellow is a replacement for obsolete Patent Yellow, or Turner’s Yellow, based on a metal/glass matrix.

The colours are prepared without filler material – accordingly, the exact consistency of each colour varies. The pre-mixed tints allow the artist to lay the colours onto the palette with minimal mixing required during the painting process, save for the additions of white, etc to modulate shades."

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