Roman Black - 50ml


A black made from an earth pigment sourced from Verona in Italy.

Rather than a 'carbon' based black based on something like charred animal bones, this is consists of the minerals magnetite (iron oxide), calcite (calcium carbonate) and pyrolusite (manganese oxide) and gives it an earthier feel and less greasy/oily handling than a 'carbon' black. 

It is pretty neutral in temperature and being a strong tinter provides a wide range of steps from black to light neutral gray. This is my favourite black in the Rublev range it just handles so well and feels very earthy but still maintains good tinting strength.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PB11

Binder - Linseed Oil 

Opacity - Opaque

Drying Time - Moderate

Customer Reviews

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Simeon Bailey
quick and easy to buy

even in quarantine the paints i order came within 2-4 days first class signed for, very good delivery times and good selection of paints

Thorwald Smit
Beautiful Back for mixing Grays

This Black is very useful for mixing beautiful Grays but also in mixing with earth colours to deep shadows.

Nelson Ferreira
Incredible for Munsell greys

This black creates the most neutral greys when mixed with lead white. In the past, I used to have to mix other blacks with titanium white and a touch of raw and burnt umbers or yellow ochre (just black and white usually produces a bluish grey, that's where the umbers come in to neutralise the blue). Yet, Roman black produces Munsell balanced greys with Lead white. It's amazing how quickly I can control the chroma of any pigment (without changing its value or hue), by quickly adding an absolutely neutral grey with the right value. So much better than adding opposite colours (and other tricks that used to delight our grandparents, before scientific knowledge made efficient Munsell charts for everyone to understand the best way of matching any colour you wish to).

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