Quinacridone Burnt Orange - 40ml


This is a hue made from quinacridone, nickel azo and perylene. Hues are a tricky business as generally this technique of blending different pigments is used by most large manufacturers to produce cheap paint, think blended scotch whisky versus single malt or tea bags versus single estate tea leaves.

They will try approximate an expensive pigment like Cadmium or Cobalt using cheaper pigments, making a colour that in masstone is fairly similar but fairly redundant once it is used in mixes as all the different colours basically send the mix towards grey and it is impossible to achieve the high chroma mixes of the genuine article (never mind the calcium carbonate put in there as well to basically fill up the tube). You will never learn to mix colour using such paint.

However this particular blend is an entirely different product and is made for the artist not for the profit margin of the manufacturer, these pigments are blended to create a clean, powerful colour impossible to mix on the palette. Using the modern powerful pigments mentioned above a rich, clean and powerful new colour is created with real depth in it's nature and it will therefore will function exceptionally in all it's potential uses.

Langridges description; 'Quinacridone Burnt Orange varies from a rich mahogany in thicker passages to sweeping golds and yellows in its undertone. The clear red and yellow tones come from the combination of Quinacridone and Nickel Azo while a crimson richness is provided by the addition of Perylene. A delicate and seductive colour, especially in glazes'

Technical Overview

Pigments - PY150/PR179/PV19,  Nickel Azo / Perylene / Quinacridone

Vehicle - Linseed Oil, Consistency - Buttery

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