Pompeii Red - Native Earth - Unique - 40ml


Pompeii Red from the Wallace Seymour range of Native Earths. This range has blown me away, totally unique earths selected purely for their suitability for interesting paint rather than commercial motivations.

They have so much integrity and each feels special and different not only in colour but the texture and handling as well, I am not a drinker but I would guess this range is the equivalent of fine wine. If you want homogeneous, factory made, boring paint then don't choose these colours on the other hand if you want to be inspired by your materials and engaged with their use then do choose these paints!

This is a brown/red earth quite low in value, when it is mixed with white it's secret is revealed. There is quite a lot of purple undertone in there, which lowers the value and temperature of the masstone and it's tints are really very cool (in temperature!). It is along the lines of a Hematite or Purple Ochre. It has a gritty feel.

This would work well on a portrait palette where cool flesh tones are required or indeed to gently cool and lower value of any mix.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PBr7/Native Earth

Opacity - Semi-Transparent

Binder - Linseed Oil 

Drying Time - Medium

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monique verhagen
pompeii red

nice color , high quality oilpaint wallace and seymour.
service is excellent , fast delivery .

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