Phthalo Green (Blue Shade) - 40ml

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Phthalo green, the cousin of Phthalo Blue with the same crazy tinting power and given this is made by Langridge there is a lot of pigment in a tube of this making it even more powerful! It is cool and very intense.

Langridge's description - 'A clean modern emerald green with intense tinting strength. Like Phthalo Blue we prepare this Phthalo Green as an unadulterated colour, without fillers, so that the artist can utilise the full potential of this strong pigment. Partner with Arylides and Whites for modern light greens.'

Technical Overview

Pigment - Phthalocyanine, PG7

Vehicle - Linseed Oil, Opacity - Semi Opaque

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jacqueline Sell
versatile paint, good thickness

versatile paint, good thickness, works well with white and thin, thick is good as a base colour

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