Phthalo Blue - 40ml


I like to think of this as the crazy blue. It is so intense with such incredible tinting power a tube of this goes a very, very long way. To quote Colonel Kurtz using it is like "being shot with a diamond".

That such a crisp, clean, jewel-like blue should come out of a paint tube is a marvel of modern chemistry. It is when you thin it from it's masstone, it creates blues which appear to be giving off light, I have never seen this from any other paint.

This particular Phthalo blue has no fillers, which is unusual as often fillers are added to somewhat lessen the tinting power making it easier to use, this is the full strength, no holds barred version! It gives incredibly clean secondary and tertiary mixes. It has a slight green undertone. 

Technical Overview

Pigment - Phthalocyanine

Vehicle - Linseed Oil, Consistency - Stiff

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