Ottella - Italian Natural Earth - Unique - 40ml



An Italian earth unique to Wallace Seymour, hard to place with a delicate shifting hue. A muted olive green with yellowish undertones, it is earthy and grounding in appearance. The colour in the swatch appears browner to me than the reality, in the picture of the olives, the mid-greens seem closer to the true hue.

Quite opaque and dense for an earth pigment, it stands up reasonably well in tints, where it produces greyish green hues. I am about to apply some of this to a landscape of Dartmoor I am painting and I feel it will sit very well, it has that earthy, moisture laden feel. 

The series of Native Earths to which this belongs all beg to be used in landscape painting, they have a feel of substance like you are crafting a picture of a landscape with the actual components of the land in front of you. Wonderful...and mysterious!

Technical Overview

Pigment - Unique Natural Italian Earth

Opacity - Semi-Opaque

Drying Time - Fast/Medium

Binder - Linseed Oil

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