Orange de Cadmium Clair - 35ml

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Cadmium Orange Light.

Possibly after the earth pigments, my favourite pigment of all time because of it's abilty to meld so perfectly with that part of the colour wheel, combined with violets or reds or yellows it can add so much and it's tints are really superb.

The light refers to it leaning more towards yellow than red, in masstone it is like fire bound in oil, a fantastically powerful light orange hue, with potential to give heat and light to any mix of colours.

Being a Cadmium pigment it is opaque and a strong tinter, just a speck of this will go a long way particularly given the pigment load. Francois's paints are superb but this is particularly good in my opinion.

Technical Overview

Pigment - P020

Vehicle - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Opaque

Tint Power - High


Customer Reviews

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Beautiful and strong

This is my first genuine Cadmium Orange oil paint and I am glad that I splashed out on this one. It is so strong that you only need a speck, so will last me ages. It is pigment PO20, not the PY35 as stated on the website. A small but understandable error.
Supreme paint has the best oil paints at good prices.
Thanks for stocking such quality products

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