Naples Yellow Paris - 50ml



This is a very expensive tube of paint, however the value is there for the serious painter.

I have kept the description the same for both our Naples Yellows, as I feel it gets close to describing the beauty of this paint. This version is the much darker version historically popular in Paris, as well as darker it is deeper, the lighter version can be seen here.

Lead antimonate has been used as a pigment since at least 500b.c., it has to be stoneground due to it reactions with steel rollers.

It is dense and vivid, powerful but muted, and it is in that muted flavour where it's beauty lies.

The qualities which I would like to describe are difficult with words because they are all so visual, but I will have a go. As a painter the colours become real and have more depth as soon as they are mixed, it gives them a certain something, particularly as you 'grey' a colour mixing in a complementary, as more light is captured by the paint it somehow feels soothing to the eye. As you 'grey' a colour more, you will by nature lose more of the hue or the colour, and there is a cut off point where the naturalness and soothing feel of the mix is lost as less and less colour is available to the eye.

This is where Naples Yellow is special, because it is already 'grey' but still extremely intense, luminescent, it is unmixable either by a paint manufacturer's blend or on the palette. If you can afford it I urge you to try this paint, it will last a long time and will open up your palette to new levels of subtlety and harmony. 

Technical Overview

Single Pigment: Lead Antimonate Yellow (Naples Yellow)
Binder: Linseed Oil
Chemical Name: Lead Antimonate
Chemical Formula: Pb3(SbO4)2
Opacity: Opaque
Tinting Strength: Medium
Drying rate: Fast
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