Maya Blue - 50ml


A dark blue paint almost black in masstone, very rich with lots of depth.

Made from an indigo dye on a clay base, so basically a lake paint which explains it's high chroma and tint power. This pigment is very stable and has a long history, it has been found in work by the ancient Mesoamericans. 

It is quite buttery in consistency.

So dark in masstone it's true colours are only visible in tints with white, where it produces a wide range slightly muted, cold, blues with a green leaning. The range for tints is very wide, with many steps possible from a midnight blue to a very light almost sky blue.

It is translucent so would work as glaze, however it would need to be applied with care and super thinly otherwise you could easily make everything very dark blue, very quickly!

If you want a cold blue on your palette you are not going to find better than this and with it's high tinting power a little goes a long way

Technical Overview

Pigment - PB82

Opacity - Translucent 

Binder - Linseed Oil 

Drying Time - Moderate

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