Lead Oil Paste Ground - 237ml



Lead Oil Paste Ground is a blend of white pigments and linseed oil for a semi-absorbent ground ideal for oil painting.

The ground is made using all three white pigments; calcite, lead white and titanium white in just the right proportions to make a film that remains flexible, tough and has some degree of absorbency.

The dry ground calcite used has a closely controlled particle size distribution. This grade of calcite is designed to provide the lowest possible oil absorption. It offers the desired penetration control with maximum chalk resistance. Calcite aids in forming the type of surface on grounds to which upper layers will adhere easily.

Lead white, and to a lesser degree, ground calcite, have low water absorption properties and hence develop better blister and crack resistance. Furthermore, lead white contributes to more film flexibility.

The presence of titanium white increases the opacity of this ground and provides a brilliant white surface. We have selected a grade of titanium white that exhibits good hiding and excellent dispersion properties.

Many manufacturers use zinc white to get a brighter white in their white grounds and paint. Zinc oxide is not recommended in oil grounds, since it tends to cause blistering and cracking in oil paint and grounds -- there is no zinc in this product.

Alkali-refined linseed oil is used to give the paste a short, buttery application ideal for knife application. To minimize brush and knife marks add a small amount of bodied linseed oil (stand oil) to improve the leveling and flow out properties of the paste ground. Usually, 10 to 20% by weight of bodied oil is sufficient to accomplish this.

You can thin Rublev Colours Lead Oil Paste Ground with linseed oil, mineral spirits and/or turpentine to allow application by brush.

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