Lazurite - Lapis Lazuli - 50ml

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This is the one, the paint reserved for the finest historical religious paintings, the most expensive and precious pigment on the planet. When you paint with it, the subtleties are endless.

Made from the precious Lapis Lazuli stones and linseed oil, nothing else. The Lapis is from the only Lapis mine in Afghanistan and is widely regarded as the best quality in the world.

In masstone it is a deep, rich blue and immediately you see one reason it has been so prized, this is an intense blue not one you would think had come from the earth, it is high in chroma.

When tinted with white the most lush, deep sky blues come out, immediately reminiscent of those great Renaissance religious paintings. It has a decent body, almost buttery. Then there is it's transparency, it is crystal clear and when used thinly, luminous, shifting blues are produced. For glazing it is unsurpassed. 

This is a very expensive paint but really it is something very special.

Technical Overview 

Pigment - Lapis Lazuli, PB29

Binder - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Transparent

Drying Rate - Medium

Customer Reviews

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Tanja Moderscheim
Great quality paint

As usual, I'm delighted with my new Rublev paint, a paint range of superior quality; it's lapis lazuli this time. A special treat.

Madeleine Morrison
A Painters Dream

Good service, prompt deliver, fabulous product!

Claus Brusen
Fast delivery

Fast delivery and well packed

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