Langridge Impasto Medium - 110ml


An excellent thick gel medium for impasto.

Rather than a putty type impasto medium like Rublev's this is a very thick gel. Basically a thicker version of the Langridge Oleogel. It is a pleasure to use because of it's low toxicity, in terms of sculptural impasto the putty mediums will be provide more substance and a deeper impasto, however they are hard to 'paint' with being so substantial, so for me this is an impasto medium where you can still work the paint as you would with a 'normal painting'. For this reason it wonderful for Velazquez like highlights or Lucian Freud like flesh without the lead paint.

Langridge's description "Incredibly thick gel medium for adding to oil colours for extra ‘body’ without altering colour with which it’s mixed. Slightly thixotropic, which allows for ease of thorough mixing with the paint."


Customer Reviews

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Siza Vieira

Saves paint, marks the brush strokes. Love to use it!

Volker Krug
Great Quality

Langridge Impasto medium is top quality and allows for wonderful brushstrokes. The paint remains ”creamy" due to the slight thixotropic character of the medium. Sharp, crisp brushstrokes are possible and make a fine texture possible without being sticky.

Also another quick, highly professional delivery and package by Supremepaint! They are always very friendly and reliable and it is a satisfying experience to buy here.

maria burton
Best personal service and product

3 purchases, fantastic results from the products and a service absolutely second to none.

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