Green Gold - 40ml


The green, green, gold of home...

A modern, single pigment paint, this is not made of several pigments just one Copper Azomethine Green or PY129.

Transparent and light capturing the hue can shift quite a lot, unsurprisingly from a warmish green to a golden yellow depending on the local light, I suppose this is where the name came from.

Michael's description:

"Green Gold is a pigment I have admired for many years, although essentially a modern colour. As a standalone pigment, it brings to your painting a unique green that has its own elegance. However, when mixed it is “weird!”

When you first look at it as a single colour it is very interesting‎ however, when mixed with other transparent colours like Alizarin Claret or Magenta it does extraordinary things. One wonders where the “third” colour came from as it seems quite magical. The magical qualities of Green Gold give it a high tint power and high capacity for being lightfast. Remember, because Green Gold is a transparent colour it has wonderful glazing properties and power.

There is only one organic pigment in my Green Gold and as such this pigment is highly transparent and lightfast."

Technical Overview

Pigment - PY129

Vehicle - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Transparent

Tint power - High


Customer Reviews

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Brenda Devlin
Very useful.

Purchased “green gold” for the first time as it is a recommended colour on an online course I’m doing with Paul Foxton. It is a very useful addition to the palette especially in mixing some greens and is helping my colour mixing enormously. It is a lovely texture too and I’m looking forward to seeing its effect in glazes.

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