Green Gold - 40ml


This is a colour which you would more normally see as a watercolour, it is quite earthy in nature.

It has a wide variety of hues once you start to use it. Used thinly it's yellows come out, thicker and it's greens are there, it is the underlying yellow which makes this paint rich and vibrant. Being transparent it glazes beautifully. Langridge's description;

"Green Gold is a modern, earthy and warm yellow-green. The two yellows are really the heroes of this colour. Arylide provides the brightness and Nickel Azo the lingering yellow tones when extended in mixes and glazes. Perfect for landscape and contemporary clean glazes."

Technical Overview

Pigment - Nickel Azo/Arylide/ Phthalocyanine, PY150/PY74/PG7

Vehicle - Linseed Oil, Consistency - Buttery


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